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Business Formal Attire

What is considered business formal attire? Business formal attire for women typically consists of a dress pant and a matching jacket. The jacket may be short sleeved or 3/4 length. Cropped pant suits are not suitable for interview settings. Solid dress pants are acceptable, but skirts must not hit mid-calf. Tops should be tucked into the jacket. They should also not be too revealing.

The style of business formal attire varies by industry. A print shop or tech company may allow jeans, while a law firm may not. Khaki pants are acceptable with a clean top, though a button-down or polo shirt is preferred. Sweaters can also be worn under khaki pants. If you’re not sure, check the dress code for your workplace. Wearing khaki pants with a white or light blue dress is appropriate for many businesses.

Business formal attire includes a dark suit or skirt and tie. Dress socks and shoes are required. Neckties should be a solid color and not overly-patterned. Shirts should be tucked in and neatly ironed. Women can wear a skirt and blouse, or a blouse over a dress. A woman’s suit with a sweater is acceptable if she’s covering her knees with a jacket.

A business formal dress code is determined by the position of the employee. Entry-level employees generally wear less formal clothes. The dress code will determine the tone of the workplace and the management will make decisions that reflect the organizational priorities. For example, employees who are in a customer-facing position should wear more formal attire, while those who work in an office environment should wear more comfortable clothes. However, in other industries, business casual clothes can be appropriate.

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