Examples of Car Dealerships Using Social Media

A good example of car dealerships using social media is NK Motors. They have a special page for customer feedback, called Stories Highlight. They also share real customer testimonials. Using social media to share customer experiences is an excellent way to capture the attention of those at the top of the funnel, when they have just begun their research. Consumers who use social media for car dealership marketing are largely people who know that they have a problem or are just beginning the process.

Facebook allows dealers to post shareable content, engage in discussions with car shoppers, and publish evergreen galleries. Dealers can also integrate content from other social media platforms into their business feed. Facebook’s advertising system is robust, and it has over two billion users. Using Facebook for car dealership marketing can increase dealer reach and improve customer experience. The following are a few good examples of car dealerships using social media to engage customers.

Facebook has over two billion monthly active users, and more than half of U.S. residents use the site at least once a day. Because Facebook offers deep targeting capabilities, you can choose which audience to reach through ads. Instagram has over one billion users, and it’s owned by Facebook, which allows for ads to cover both platforms and use visual content to engage users. A good example of car dealerships using social media to reach out to local customers is using Facebook ads to reach a local audience.

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