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How Do I Pick the Best Business Wear for Women?

Pants are a staple of business wear, and a woman’s pantsuit is no exception. Choose a pair that fits properly and are wrinkle-free. Also, they should have smooth seams and be free of frayed hems. Pants can be made of various materials. Polyester pants are easy to maintain. Colored denim pants are also acceptable, but make sure they are a pure color and not faded. Pants with some stretch will make it comfortable to sit for long periods.

Depending on the season, long-sleeve blazers are appropriate. Cropped trousers and skirts are acceptable, but should sit no higher than two finger-widths above the knee. While pantyhose are no longer necessary with skirts, dark-colored tights will keep you warm in the office. A dressy blouse or crisp collared shirt completes a business outfit. Shirts should be tucked in, as well.

If you’re looking for pants and a skirt, try a knee-length pencil skirt and a blazer. If you’re looking for a blazer, try a small pinstripe, or a herringbone pattern. Blazers should be fitted, not boxy, and should not pull. Wool moto jackets can work as well. In the meantime, pencil skirts and dress pants can be worn year-round.

If you’re an office woman, dress codes vary. For example, a dress with a blazer is suitable for a formal workplace, but it will not look so good if it’s too short or too loose. A dress should also be figure-flattering. Look for a dress that has a different silhouette from your usual workwear.

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