How to care for a flaky peeling face?

Dry, flaky skin is a problem that cannot be cured. But keeping your skin healthy will help alleviate the severity of dry skin problems. By the care and maintenance guidelines for skin with very dry problems. Can be done as follows

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1. Clean dry skin.

The skin cleansing process is the first step that helps to cleanse the dirt from the face. eliminate excess oil But cleansing products often wash away the necessary fat on the face as well. It makes your skin dry and tight after washing your face. For people with dry skin problems Should choose a facial cleanser like pH5 SENSITIVE SKIN FACIAL CLEANSER because it is more gentle on the skin. and can gently cleanse sensitive skin It also contains ingredients to help create a moisture barrier, such as Sensitive Defense, which protects the activity of skin enzymes. Helps to exfoliate dead skin cells so that the skin can fully retain moisture The skin is not sensitive to allergies and irritation. and does not cause acne breakouts. It also helps to balance the skin to be stronger to protect the skin from dust, smoke, various pollution, and the ingredients are free from substances that may irritate the skin and do not cause acne.

2. Skin is very dry, what cream should I use?

The problem of dry skin results in a weak skin barrier. Makes the skin susceptible to irritation easily. The skin lacks moisture. Not smooth, red rash, itching, pimples more easily than usual. Skin care products, skin creams or moisturizers for those who have very dry skin problems. Should have properties that help take care of essential fatty acids that nourish the moisture in the skin. Helps retain moisture in the skin layer well. And it is effective in helping to restore the skin’s protective barrier to be stronger. To reduce the chances of dry and flaky skin problems. Healthy skin, not susceptible to stimulating factors

Revitalizes the skin’s protective barrier: Eucerin UltraSENSITIVE Repair Cream, a facial cream for sensitive skin that has properties to help restore healthy skin. Take care of dry, flaky, irritated, red, and granular skin problems with Barrier Repair Innovation, an innovation that helps take care and restore the skin’s protective barrier, which is weak and sensitive. Reduce skin irritation caused by dry skin problems. with an intensely moisturizing cream formula but light and comfortable on the skin It is not greasy and does not clog the skin. Therefore suitable for normal to dry skin.

A nourishing cream for dry skin: UltraSENSITIVE AQUAporin CREAM, a nourishing cream that revitalizes dry and dehydrated skin, increases water transmission into the skin and contains Bio Active that helps strengthen the moisture barrier and retain water in the skin. More than 5 times longer, up to 24 hours, helps prevent and retain moisture for dry skin. reduce the roughness of the skin Makes the skin moisturized, healthy and suitable for people with both dry and sensitive skin. Because it is free from perfume and alcohol. does not cause clogging with features that nourish and protect in one Therefore, it is suitable for people with especially dry skin problems.

3. Adjust behavior avoid triggering factors

In addition to choosing the right skin cleanser and skin cream. Avoid factors that cause dryness to increase, such as:

– Avoid areas with dry air. or being in an air-conditioned room for a long time

– Avoid taking very hot showers.

– Choose clothes made from natural fibers.

– Avoid using fabric softeners that contain large amounts of fragrance.

– Avoid products that contain alcohol, perfumes and colors.

– Drink adequate amounts of water. and eat wholesome food in all nutrition groups

very dry skin problem flaky skin It can be one of the skin problems that cause skin discomfort. and causing concern to many people until they lose their confidence. But if we have to take care of our skin properly. Choosing the right dry face cream will help alleviate the severity of skin problems that may arise from dry skin.

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